Posted by: bkdsignature | April 17, 2009

Great websites for crafting!

So I’ve only made one sale on Etsy so far. That’s really discouraging for me, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. I feel that it’s due to the look of my store, so last week I asked my friend here at school (concertinapieces) some recommendations on how to better advertise myself. She suggested looking at the forums. OH. MY. GOSH. I’m so glad I asked this soon after joining because I’ve been missing out on soooo much! I have gotten great advice and great tips for improvement. The biggest change I made was updating my pictures to look more professional. While I haven’t seen any new sales, I have seen a jump in views. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get more advice to help me get more sales.

I need to make a shout out to mysticwynd for all her awesome tips on how to change my pix to look so much better!

My most favorite forums right now?

California Chit Chat Thread Week of 4/12 to 4/18. They update to a new thread each week. This group of California peeps is amazing! They have been sooo supportive and amazing! I’m so glad I discovered them because they have helped me so much and I am staying sane because of them.

Just discovered yesterday and found out more today!
Animal Charity SNEAK ATTACK! They have really taken the concept of PIF to a whole new level! The creator of Sneak Attack, the movement of “attacking” a newbie who has less than 4 sales with a bunch of buys, has a website at Such an AMAZING concept! I plan on participating in it myself because I understand the need and joy of such movements.

Great websites I discovered to look up stats about your shop:
Craftopolis tells you what current Treasuries you’re in.
Craft Cult tells you all about the stats regarding hearts on your shop. Great little website for seeing when exactly people hearted you, and seeing all the item hearts at once instead of clicking through all your items.

Great advertising sites:
Project Wonderful


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