Posted by: bkdsignature | April 21, 2009

How to support Sneak Attack in your sales

So there has just been a movement to start selling items to generate revenue to buy SA items. Here’s what Parasox came up with. It’s for a great cause:

parasox says:
I’m back! Ok, I’ll repeat the info that I’m using for my items. You don’t have to use the same info, and any suggestions are welcome! And by the way, I’m not in charge; I just had time to play today and this idea is taking off – it’s fun!

In the title of my items, I’m adding (Sneak Attack Support Item).

In my tags, I’m adding “SA Support”.

In the actual item description, there’s a paragraph that reads like this:

“All money from the sale of this item will go toward supporting sneak attacks! For information on sneak attacks, please see If you would like to find items listed by other sellers as Sneak Attack Support, please search for “SA Support” under tags. Thank you for helping me support new Etsy sellers!”

I hope to start joining in on buying soon!


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