Posted by: bkdsignature | April 29, 2009

The Origin of Names

The name of my shop is Beegrl88.  Now I know why I came up with that name, but I never thought others would make their own conclusions about it.  Didn’t occur to me.  If you think about it, though, every person has a reason for naming their e-mail, shop, blog, or whatever for a certain reason.  So I thought I’d share my reason. 🙂

Originally, it all started with my first e-mail address and AIM.  I used my love of soccer and my name and birth year in it.  I ended up getting a new e-mail address a few years later, but I don’t remember why I changed it to Beegrl88 instead of using the same name.  I think maybe it was too long.  Now, one of my brother’s nicknames for me was “Be” because he couldn’t pronounce “Brie” when he was a toddler.  When I met my close friend, Courtney (my biz partner) my freshman year of HS, we nicknamed each other at some point in time (cuz that was the cool thing to do 🙂 ).  I named her “Cee” and she named me “Bee”.  So my name is actually my nickname, not the insect.  Honestly, the insect never occurred to me until a few weeks ago when someone posted it on the forums in response to my avatar and name.  Interesting how you become blind to other interpretations when you know what it means. 🙂  Thought I’d share!


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