Posted by: bkdsignature | May 3, 2009


Purple Headband - First one!


Black HeadbandSo it occurred to me that not only could I crochet beanies, but I could also crochet headbands!  I was thinking, Oh man, I could crank out so many of those for myself instead of buying them from the store!  WRONG.  These take more effort than I thought.  At first, I crocheted in rounds just like I would do for a beanie.  Ha. Ha.  Didn’t occur to me that one side would be tight, the other loose.  Now THAT looked funny.  So I slept on it and I realized I need to crochet in rows and turn, like I would do if it were a scarf.  DUH, you’re saying, right?  IT WORKED.  Hehehe.  However, it isn’t that easy to do because it’s hard to control the yarn since it can move easily since it’s so thin.  Very flexible due to its size.  It ends up taking an hour or two.  So now I have such a cute headband that’s handmade!  I think I may try adding flowers to some future ones, just to see what that looks like.  I’ll post pix later. 🙂

Pix UPDATE!  05/08/09 – Added the black one!


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