Posted by: bkdsignature | June 1, 2009

My first giveaway!

So… it’s my 21st birthday this month.  On the 23rd, to be exact.  Scary stuff.  I will be celebrating this MOMENTOUS occasion in several ways on Etsy this month.  For starters, I’m doing my very first giveaway!  This one will be very simple and it is my first one and I don’t believe in complicated rules in order to get some crafty little (albeit cute) item.


1. Post a comment on here telling me HOW you would improve my store if you were my personal consultant.

2. In that same comment, tell me your FIRST impression of my store.

3. Become a fan on my Facebook Business Page:

4. Post how I can contact you if you win (i.e. your Etsy shop name).

You’ll receive one of my lovely pendants in return for your efforts!  Winner will be chosen at 1:39 pm on June 23rd by



  1. 1. I would make the shop announcement MUCH smaller. I would also try photographing your pendants more like the earrings — stage them a little more, rather than just laying them flat.

    2. Well, I’ve looked at your store a few times now so I don’t remember my FIRST impression, but I do know you’ve been working to improve it and it’s looking good! I’m impressed that you’ve been in college and still manage to find time to craft and list and chat!!

    3. I think I’m already a fan on your FB page!

    4. You can contact me through Sac-Etsy or convo me through Etsy!

  2. Awesome advice from Tana. 🙂

    The only thing I would ad is crop your pics closer, make your items fill the frame. Your pics are already very clear and bright, so no change there. 🙂

    My first impression is your store items are cute, fun and bright. 🙂 Best of luck with your shop!

    I’m a fan. 🙂

    Linda 🙂
    You can convo me at:
    or follow me on twitter:
    Member of UWIB
    Member of Etsy Twitter Team

  3. I think your shop is cute!

    I think you should try maybe some darker backgrounds and staging the pendants a little more like on a chain .. if you don’t have a bust then at least hang them on something 🙂

    I am now a fan (thought I was b4 but must have missed it!)

    And http://Theknead2relax is how you can contact me 🙂


  4. Hello,

    First I love the cute items in your shop.

    1. If I were a personal consultant, I would suggest that you work on bringing a little more cohesiveness to your banner. I love the “signature” font, though. can’t put my finger on it, but I think you need one font. You have three and it’s a little busy. My first impression of the shop, was the banner, it’s the first thing I saw when I clicked on your page. My thought..”cute colors”.

    2. I am now a fan…while I’m at it…Love the kitty avatar, that would make a lovely banner for your shop!

    3. You can contact me through

  5. 1) I would keep a lot of the info you have in your shop announcement in your profile, like your facebook page and blog. That way you can keep the announcement smaller and post new things there like sales and updates to offer incentive for checking in frequently. I also think you could simplify the logo to make it look a bit more professional.

    2) I thought your site was very cute and something you’ve put a lot of work into. The banner and everything had to take a lot of time which shows how important it is to you.

    3) Already a fan.

    4) I hope you know how to contact me ; ) but my post-Linfield email is

    Happy early Bday!

  6. So I just discovered that two of your comments were put into SPAM. So now I need to re-do the giveaway!

    New winner: Dee

  7. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to get the pendant!!

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