Posted by: bkdsignature | June 4, 2009

Custom Cuteness

I have mastered the art of crocheting enough that I believe I have moved past newbie status.  YAY accomplishing stuff.  A couple weeks ago, my fellow Etsy friend MadeByJackie, whom I met on the California Chit Chat thread, found a cute crocheted pot scrubber in the shape of a starfish.  Wanting to make hers personal, she convo’d me to see if I could make it.  HECK YES I WOULD MAKE IT FOR YOU.  Being a wonderful Etsyian by supporting her friend’s work, she quickly became my third sale.  She custom ordered two Starfish Bathtime Scrubbies, one in Strawberry and one in Periwinkle cotton yarn, for her children.  I’ve made them quite large since bathtime necessitates lots of fun and soap.  I’m slightly flying by the seat of my pants on this one, but that just makes them that much more wonderful since they almost become OOAK.  Here’s a picture I took real quick of the pink one to show you what I’m doing.  If you would like to request some for your little ones to use at bathtime, feel free to contact me!

Starfish Bathtime Scrubbie

It’s about 7.5 inches wide and bigger than my hand.  Nice size for scrubbing! 😛

PIX UPDATE:  Splish Splash, I was taking a bath!



  1. Sooooo totally cute!!!! They are going to love them 🙂

    thank you so much!!!

  2. Awe so cute!!! And what a great color:)

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