Posted by: bkdsignature | June 17, 2009

Let’s Blog About A Great Shop! Part One

This week, I’m featuring one of my fellow Unique Women in Business members!  I HIGHLY recommend this great and supportive group for any woman running her own business!  Join today!!!

Skip to My Lue is one of Etsy’s newest shops.  The “doors” were opened in May 2009 by Denielle Lue.  The shop features handmade items for women and babies.  Denielle is a married mother of two wonderful kids, a 6 year old daughter and a 9 year old son and just celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary.


Denielle spent many years trying to find just the right hobby.  She’s tried beading, scrapbooking, sketching, crocheting and knitting and didn’t really stick with any of them for too long.  About 3 years ago she took a quilting class with a friend and has been hooked on sewing ever since.  She enjoys creating anything that involves sewing.  Her most recent projects consist of custom drapes, Buttercup Bags, totes and baby items.

amy butler slouch bag

For more information visit Skip to My Lue’s blogsite at or support the shop at  Additional pictures of her work are also available on Flickr at



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