Posted by: bkdsignature | June 20, 2009

My Etsy friends are amazing!

I recently made a purchase from my Cali Etsy friend MadeByJackie, which I received in the mail today.  I purchased some handmade birthday cards and gift boxes from her.  I absolutely love her work, and trusted her to be very creative even if I gave her little direction.  I told her cupcake theme for one and 21st/martini theme for the other.  The rest was up to her creative discretion.

Oh my!  Today I opened one of the greatest packages yet!  SUCH A CUTE PURCHASE I MADE!  I think I’ll be a repeat customer in the future. 😉

Birthday CardsYou know that someone has true creative talent when you give them little direction and let them do the rest as they please!

Gift boxesAren’t they absolutely adorable?!  I LOVE the color. 🙂  The boxes on the right are part of her new line of matchbox gift boxes – SO cute. 🙂



  1. Jackie’s the best! I had her make some gift tags and envelopes for my business and they turned out so pretty. She’s a very talented artist 🙂

  2. Jackie makes the best cards, boxes, bags, etc. She made a very special wedding card for my brother. I highly recommend her work.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much!!!! I am sooo glad you like them 😛

  4. Those are really cute..will have to check her shop out!! Thanks for sharing!

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