Posted by: bkdsignature | November 17, 2009

Interview Feature

I find it important to feature those who I find inspirational or I just absolutely love their products.  I have already posted several product features, but would now like to post my first interview.  I met the following Etsy seller through my forum California Chit Chat Thread.  This thread is filled with wonderful, inspiration people.

1. Any website urls, that you want featured (Etsy site or blog)

Del Guidice Studio

2. Your name and location

Helen Del Guidice, San Diego, California
3. What’s the name of your business and how did you get started?

Del Guidice Studio … I started my Etsy shop because I have actually been a gallery painter for 20+ years but the art market and the gallery process is very ungratifying to me. I’ve been a high-realist oil painter so the process of making a collection of paintings, getting into galleries, sharing with the public and selling can take up to a year! Also the “art public” has gotten so small, and art so un-accessable that I felt my work was shared by too few people for all my heart-n-soul work! So this year I turned back to my first love, fashion, which is full of instant gratification and little delights, from purchasing and playing with fabrics to realizing ideas and seeing a finished work in a matter of days! Also more people can appreciate it, relate to it and afford it on a regular basis. My work becomes part of the buyers daily lifestyle and that is really cool to me.
4. What inspires and motivates you to craft/run your business?

I am inspired by so many things but history in particular. I have a great affection for historical garments and objects, the wardrobe of Marie Antoinette, early Roman and Etruscan art, Victoriana, artifacts, frescos. I work in museums here in San Deigo as an artifact handler and I am enchanted by the amazing quality, beauty and preciousness of the historical objects I am honored to touch! But also, having lived in Italy for part of my life I have so much respect for Italian quality! Quality is a source of great national pride for Italian artisans and when it comes to fashion they are probably the best in the world. This sense of quality inspires me to make the best garment I can make.
5. What’s your favorite thing about Etsy?

My favorite thing about Etsy, strangely enough since it’s the internet, is the human interaction! I have found undoubtedly the best, most friendly and encouraging community of talented people from all over the world amongst the other sellers. Certainly my business would not be as good if it weren’t for the insights the other sellers so gladly share. They elate in your successes and encourage you to keep going when things are tough and that is just amazing to me! But I also love the buyer interactions! The convos back and forth with buyers trying to make sure they get just the right thing and then finding out they love it… that is really gratifying!
6. Besides crafting, what other hobbies to you have?

It seems I’ve given up all hobbies in lieu of my shop but frankly my business is more fun! I also have a 16 year old son so these past years I make a lot of effort to help him develope his hobbies and find out what his talents are. But I am a big scooter entheusiast and I love going on big group scooter club rides!
7. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to be with friends and family since I work all alone and spend so much time with just my doggie and the radio! I love going out to live music, the Opera, theater, wandering the city and finding hidden treasure, eccentric spots! San Diego is not the best place for this kind of lifestyle so I’m hoping to move to London some day! Wish me luck!


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