Posted by: bkdsignature | November 27, 2009

Gift Guides

The group I am a part of, Unique Women in Business, is a very supportive group that I love being a part of.  They love promoting each other, encouraging each other, and have been a big part of my success as a seller.  They have helped me so much and have supported me so much.  The wealth of knowledge they have as a collective is amazing.

Looking for an awesome group to join?  Join Unique Women in Business and tell them I sent you!  Not only do I love purchasing their products and trading for them, they love doing so with my products.


Currently, Carla of Cobweb Corner is running Gift Guides on her blog.  They’re wonderful, creative, clever features.  Most of the items are plucked from the wonderful shops of UWIB members.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in two.  PLEASE give them some loving!

Think Handmade – Buying for Kids 6 and Under

Think Handmade – Buying for the Older Teen



  1. That sounds like an amazing group! Is there a link to their site? I would love to sign up:)

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