Posted by: bkdsignature | December 13, 2009

Some Craft Show Pointers

As a newbie to the craft show world, I am always on the lookout for great advice on how to better my booth and myself as a seller.  I learned so much at my first two this summer, but I have so much more to learn, and there’s always room for growth.

I recently discovered a very helpful thread from the perspective of a buyer on how to draw in potential customers and keep them for a sale.  Some of this I had learned previously because they’re obvious pointers, but the others I had not thought of before and provided valuable insight.  Below is the post verbatim:

petalbelles says:
I just left this huge annual craft show. I attended as a customer but also kept a running critique as an etsy seller. I know these suggestions have been posted in the past, but I thought it worth it to post it again.

As your potential customer

-Please smile as you sit in your booth even though you have no traffic in there. I know it’s discouraging but honestly it was a big turn off. A couple of people look pretty sour.

-Please do not hover over me or be obvious in staring at me as I look at your booth.

-A couple of vendors were successful in hooking me into their stall when I saw photographs of them doing their craft. One woman had a video that ran continously and I watched for a few minutes. Better yet, do some of your craft there. I saw a guy oil painting a canvas.

-I was really drawn to booths that had a lot of incandescent light. I know it’s not very green, but it cast a really warm glow on merchandise and made the booth look cozy. Pretty decorations are nice, but I found warm lighting was key.

-For those of you selling hair clips or clothes or wearable art, consider having the mirror mounted outside your booth if you have the space. At this show when people tried things on in an outside mirror, alot of people, including myself, stopped to see. This worked very well for people showing off how to put on these clever headbands that needed explanation.

-And finally, packaging. As a seller, I understand how difficult and possibly expensive it is to get some nice packaging. But if you’re at a craft show, try and make some kind of effort. There were vendors selling large personalized pillows and quilts who literally used garbage bags. Yikes.

Hope this can be helpful for anyone heading out to the craft fairs and festivals. Good luck!


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