Posted by: bkdsignature | December 21, 2009

Soap Rehab Feature

It finally has arrived – you can barely contain your excitement.  What joys await you?  You take your wonderful package into our room and break it open.  As you open the flaps to the box, a plethora of amazing and delicious scents come rushing out at you.  How could such a little box smell so powerful?  You pull out your soaps, lotions, and lip balms that you’ve picked out.  You admire the cute packaging.  The soaps are big and colorful.  The lotions are whipped perfectly.  You pop the cap to the lip balm and put…Oh my!  This is the most luxurious lip balm you’ve ever tried!  How can it feel so soft and creamy?  Is it really lip balm?  Even Lip Smackers and Blistex can’t beat this!  Ahhh, the joys of handmade.

I have now purchased from Soap Rehab twice and definitely have not been disappointed.  While I love all of her products, I am most in love with her lip balms.  I cannot stop raving about these.  She accepts custom scents so I had her make me Very Cherry.  Not only does it smell great, but it FEELS great, too.  Store-bought lip balms cannot beat hers… and I love Blistex Chapstick.  I cannot describe to you how luxurious her chapstick feels – it rolls on smooth and silky.  When I first tried it, I was in the middle of a conversation.  I was so blown away by the quality feel of the product I actually stopped the conversation to rave about it.  It’s that good.  I want to try Pomegranate Passion and Grapefruit Smoothie next.  I also bought her Brown Sugar Pecan Shea Butter Lotion, which reminds me of what fresh caramel corn shops smell like when they’re whipping up popcorn.  Since I was so satisfied with my first purchase, I returned for more lip balm (YAY!), and soaps for Christmas presents.  I also bought yummy smelling Splash of Grapefruit soap for myself after receiving a sample of it in my first purchase – I cannot wait to try it.  I’m so in love with her scents!  I recently did a promo swap with her so I can attest that ALL of her soaps smell DELICIOUS.

Purchase from her – I promise you WON’T be disappointed.  Tell her I sent you!

P.S.  Did I mention she’s from UWIB?  Yep, we’re awesome.



  1. Thanks so much for the feature! And I’m so glad you like everything!!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kim White and Sara at SoapRehab, BKD Signature. BKD Signature said: just blogged about @soaprehab wonderful products Please give it some love! […]

  3. Such a cute and fun way of describing Sara’s products. I also loved my purchase from her and get tempted by some of her samples I have here to send to my customers. 🙂 Happy Holidays

  4. Oh I love Soap Rehab!! I just got splash of grapefruit from her (both the soap and the chapstick). Awesome awesome awesome scent. I was shoving the bar under everyone’s nose in my office to smell. lol

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