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Found on the Etsy Forums II

I just love lurking on the Forums!  Such a plethora of info can be found there!  Some more great advice:

the GRUELING way to promote and INCREASE TRAFFIC

BusinessBlog says:
Hi! This is Justine from

Promotion is KEY when wanting to increase sales and exposure. IF YOU WANT STEADY SALES, HIGH TRAFFIC VOLUME AND MORE AWARENESS OF YOUR SHOP THEN FOLLOW MY STEPS… But it won’t be easy or fast.


Since the launch on November 2nd of my Etsy Help Blog ( I went from 66 unique visitors on day one to 732 UNIQUE VISITORS on day twelve.

Here is what you need to do DAILY in order to drive traffic to your shop, blog, website etc:


A) Spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day following new people (target the right types of users).

B) Post hourly but keep links to a minimum. Post:
—– regular things like “I’m eating a cookie, yum” or “My tea is really hot”..
—– intriguing things like one I saw from Guy Kawaski’s feed “Chocolate milk helps you lose weight”… etc
—– questions like “Does anyone like shopping on Etsy?” etc

C) Reply to other people’s posts

D) Retweet posts you like (RT @USERNAME, then their post)

–> I track my visitors through and I see TONS of traffic that came from my actual Twitter profile, meaning a silly thing like “I love Dexter” got someone to check out my profile then visit my website! People are also likely to remember you when you reply to them and retweet their posts.

– If you want to get more followers see this thread –
– If you want to schedule your posts in advance visit this site –
– If you want to have followers with similar interests see my video –


If you don’t have a facebook page, get moving. Not only will your friends and family become a fan, their friends will too.
A) Post a new link every day

B) Add at least one new photo every day or better yet, an entire album each day.

C) Visit like minded facebook pages and comment on their links and pics

D) Tips for increasing fans:
– Hang out in the promotions section of this forum and offer to fan other pages that fan you, also search “facebook” in forum for tons of topics on the subject.
– Put a link to your facebook page on your shop announcement BUT also let people know you have special promos for facebook fans only.
– Hold a giveaway (the longer the better) where to qualify, people have to become a fan of your page. Promote it on Twitter and in tons of other places.
– Create a resource… Why not post a DIY videos related to your craft so that people will want to become a fan simply so they have access to your information and help. RAKE IN THE EYEBALLS.
– Run a facebook ad promoting your page. I ran one before and got new fans from it.
– Approach other Etsy shops that have loads of fans and ask them how they did it. Most Etsy sellers are more than willing to share their tips


– If you are hesitant to open the page:
– I just found this post by someone who not only shared tips on getting more fans, they created a valuable (and googleable) resource:


Stumble Upon has been THE BEST SOURCE OF TRAFFIC FOR MY BLOG SO FAR. Go to and sign up. You will have to install a toolbar so that you can start stumbling. Fill out your interests and profile.

*disclaimer* do not submit your website/shop/listings to the site (i.e. saying “LIKE IT”). This site is not to be used for self-promotion BUT if you do things right, you will see the rewards.

A) Spend an hour a day “Stumbling”. You can multitask while working or watching tv (keep another window open and just click stumble every few minutes). Like everything you like, don’t hit dislike too much unless you really hate something.

B) Subscribe to people’s feeds with similar interests and MAKE FRIENDS. They will be likely to visit your profile and see your site. Also if you make the right kind of friends, they can really help you promote yourself.

C) Discover new sites every day… Discoveries are when you click “LIKE IT” and the site has never been submitted to Stumble before. Discoveries are great and will up your cred on the site. Do not just like all the etsy shops you see, diversify to blogs, regular websites, fun stuff etc!

D) Run a stumble upon ad. IF DONE RIGHT, THIS IS AN AMAZING WAY TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SHOP. You sign up at and deposit money from your Paypal account. You pay 5 cents per visitor ($5 = 100 visitors!). I made mistakes the first few times but then found the key:

– Stumble users are visual so a shop listing or the right blog post is better than your entire shop/blog.
– Target the right people. As soon as your campaign is accepted change the information to your targets (for instance, if you are do jewelry, try women only in the age range best for your style). You can also specify location (I usually do U.S. or Canada).
– Once the ad is running, you are safe to “like” the site as it will help get others to like it and the more people that like it, the more it will be shown to stumblers (even more views than you paid for).

MY EXPERIENCE –> I submitted this blog link ( and targeted women between the ages of 25 and 40 (mothers of younger children) and got 4 likes right off the bat. I only paid $5 for 100 visitors and since it was submitted a few days ago I have seen 1120+ visitors to the page from stumble alone.

One downside -> With stumble upon, I found that although the traffic was great, I didn’t see that many new subscribers or fans. That means that people will gladly bookmark you but won’t necessarily buy. Is it worth it? YES especially for an blog or e-commerce website.

ANYWAYS THAT CONCLUDES THE GRUELING WAY TO INCREASE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SHOP AND BUSINESS. Expect to spend at least 1-2 hours a day (the more time, the better) doing this crap and YOU WILL REAP THE REWARDS…. Stay tuned for PART TWO (more advertising, blogging and forum networking) coming up soon.

All the best!

~ Justine the handmade blogger
Plume Adore Jewelry



  1. thanks for this tips… very helpfull to me….

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  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  4. This is a nice post… is usefull for my site!nice job.

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