Posted by: bkdsignature | July 1, 2010

Time to Revamp

I love to organize.  Sometimes you wouldn’t know if by the volume of stuff I own, but I love anything having to do with organization.  I salivate in Ikea at all the organizing possibilities.

I decided this month it was time to organize my crafting more efficiently.  When I was first starting out, money was a factor.  I had to be creative and do what I could with what little I could afford.  And it sufficed.  But now that I have graduated, my expenses can be elsewhere. 🙂

I am not only updating my craft fair booth, but also my “crafting corner” as I like to call it.  Right now, it takes up space in my parent’s living room.  When I move into my apt in Aug, it will be sitting in the lovely nook under my window in my bedroom. 🙂

Here’s what it looks like right now:

A trip to Target got me the black wire grid cubes and the 4-drawer cart.  The grid cubes came in a pack of six, so the other three will be a part of my booth.  Pretty nifty.  As I whittle my way through my fabric, it will eventually make its way into the Sterlite tub below (the contents of which now reside in cart).  I just have two boxes of that to go through. >.<  Buying the cart was a great investment.  Instead of my stuff being in a million small boxes, it’s all in a convenient cart.  Which means I now have room for a staging area to wrap my shipments, which makes things a whole lot easier.  My patterns are now neatly boxed away in pattern boxes from Joann.

Note to self: do not leave scrapbooking paper out after you’ve used it to photograph products because the cat WILL sit on it.


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