Posted by: bkdsignature | July 22, 2010

My Fabric Stash

Although, I probably don’t have much compared to the average – I know I must pale in comparison to many.  I have lots of fabric, more than I should.  And I keep buying more.  I try to stop, but so many are just too darn cute!  Hi, I’m addicted to crafting (hey, there could be worse things).  Some I have plans for; others I buy because I think the pattern is cute, gotta have it, I’ll figure out later what I’m going to do with it.  But I actually need to start using it!  I have hundreds of dollars invested in it to sell for my business, it’s about time I settled down and started sewing.  (To help me with that endeavor, I’ve started taking classes.  Although I’ve been sewing for almost two years, I am self-taught.  I thought it best to learn from a professional to see how I can improve/how it’s really done.  You can only research on the internet so much).

I decided it was best to organize my fabric.  It was a little scattered among boxes and bins.  I managed to previously fit most of it into a gigantic box that was difficult to carry – not heavy, but awkwardly shaped.  I wanted a system, so I had at it.  Now, I can simply look through one container instead of many.  Want to see what I own?  Probably not, but I’m going to show you anyway. 🙂

While I did not take pictures of my final organization, I can tell you that a smaller large box became home for all of my fleece (that right there made a major improvement to the organizational system).  The Sterilite bin houses all the fabric I will use for personal projects (have I kept way too much of that for myself?  Why yes, yes I have), mostly loungewear/PJ bottoms.  The pink bag holds the fabric that I do not have a plan for yet (a surprisingly smaller amount than I expected).  I got out a small box for my scraps, and the grid cube holds my nice fabric to be used for purses and aprons (my next product line).

Yes, I have too much fabric.  *Which I added more to just yesterday. >.<


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